Daily violence.

This will be a short post.

Originally I planned to write a post about my love hate relationship with Caribana (or Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Festival or whatever it’s now being branded as) but then I had to walk outside. How could walking outside drastically change what I decide to write my post about? When 2 cars pulled over just to stare at me and the driver in the 2nd car decided to stick his head out of the window and yell “Woooooooow. Is that 24 hours?”

I am tired of feeling like I cannot leave my house without evaluating whether or not what I’m wearing is encouraging this kind of unwanted attention.

I am tired of hearing stories like the one my friends’ told me today about an older man who found it appropriate to ask them very personal questions while sporting an erection in the water at the beach.

I am tired of the daily violence that so many womyn face ranging from street harassment to physical&sexual assault because somehow simply by existing we give up ownership of our bodies to someone else.

I am tired of having conversations with men (and womyn) who think that I overreact to the daily harassment.

I am tired of this daily violence.

Comments on: "Daily violence." (2)

  1. derevolushunwidin said:

    😦 Steups. It’s exhausting. And you’re not over-reacting. It amazes that something that can sour your day is probably barely noted in theirs. Steups.
    I’m really going to have to print my- today you made a womon uncomfortable cards.

  2. it IS exhausting, as all hell.

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