So after last week’s post about derevolushunwidin’s obsession with sports, I got thinking about all the things I enjoy/participate in that can be considered problematic that I’m not working on (and probably won’t in the near future).

  1. Watching bad romance movies. I really enjoy romantic movies/rom coms. This past week alone I watched Someone Like You, Before Sunset, Before Sunrise, Going the Distance,  When Harry Met Sally, Six Days and Seven Nights, It’s Complicated, Mamma Mia, 5 different versions of Pride and Prejudice… and that’s not the complete list… and by in the past week I mean mostly in the past couple days. Most if not all of these movies contain elements of homophobia, classism, sexism, racism, etc., and more than that brainwash millions of people (and by people I mean me) into thinking relationships work like you see on TV. I’m not working on this. I plan on going to see One Day sometime this week. I will probably watch When Harry Met Sally again tonight. I thoroughly enjoy them and have no plans on working on it. And what?
  2. Watching bad action movies. I love action movies. The guns. The blood. The gore. The ridiculous violence. The hypermasculinity. The bad one liners. Again, so many problems. Again not working through this.
  3. Hair removal. The standards of beauty imposed on women. The obsession with youthfulness and pretending that we don’t grow hair. The denial that most people (women included) will have facial hair at some point in their lives. I cannot work through having hair on my upper lip. Life feels forlorn when my eyebrows aren’t tweezed into an artificial arch. I’m not working through this so much that I’m getting laser hair removal as soon as I can.
There’s so much that I can add to this list, the make up, the heels, all these things I voluntarily sign up for. What about you? What do you do that you know in theory is problematic but in practice you can’t/won’t let go of?

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  1. I’m not alone. Some things really have to be, “and what?” or else you’ll enjoy so litt.

    Romantic movies I want to say there’s nothing wrong with Before Sunrise and Before Sunset all the other stuff. Meh, though if whms is youtube that’s on my to do list for the week.

    Action movies: The Expendables. Con Air. Eraser (watched that this week) It doesn’t get better than senseless violence directed at presumed straight white, middle class, able bodied men.

    Hair removal: I almost wish this was a battle I could win. Not enough to not shave my legs anytime I need to look like people.

    Other things: politics of parties and dancing, problematic soca and dancehall, flirting with idiots, essentially anything that involves participating in the patriarchal bargain.

    I see some when harry met sally in my future! 🙂

  2. Trendsettah said:

    I have a standing appointment every 2 weeks to get my waxing done. I too cannot forge through unibrows and such. Derevolushunwidin, u have been flirting
    With idiots huh? Lol
    I am not working on my love for hip hop and dancehall, some of my Playlist items are downright frowsy.

    • pieces2peace said:

      Oooooh. I tried working on my dancehall and deleted all my dancehall from my computer. But it still gets me in the club.

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