Mid-September thoughts

  • I live in a small island and there are many people that I am not even causally acquainted with but I know a lot of their personal business. I may know their business through girl talk,  observation or plain old being in the right place at the right time.  When I see some of these folk in the streets I chuckle or mentally big up or empathise according to the situation and I am pretty sure that these people have no idea that I am all up in their lives. I often think about the possibility that there are people who may see me traipsing around and know all my drama as well. I don’t think my business is half  as sensational as that of some of the people who I learn about but still,  I try to keep it interesting. 
  •  I gotta get off Facebook. Stupid arguments, annoying ‘inspirational’ status updates, the over 600 ‘friends’ I have managed to accumulate ( of which I actually know maybe 150) what more can I say? The recent changes regarding FB deciding to tag your friends without your permission and their other flagrant privacy fouls over the years are really about to push me over the edge.   I have never been an active Facebooker and I *sometimes* use it to gather some of the intelligence I spoke of earlier or more recently kick up some dust in a rousing game of Words with Friends, but other than that it’s a mess. I often advise folks who don’t have an FB account ( there are a few out there) to stay away and there are times when I just cannot bother.
  • I wish I could saang! Sigh, I wish I could sing, I admire and envy people who can belt out their favorite songs and those that can make a living from voice talents. From Billie Holliday to Lauryn Hill to Adele to Queen Ifrica I so enjoy the different ranges and intonations styles and perspectives. The real talk is that I would probably be insufferable, singing at every chance I get and I would be one with a million youtube videos kindly soliciting your support :). For now, I will sing in my room and in my car and for those unlucky  friends that catch me trying a thing.

Comments on: "Mid-September thoughts" (1)

  1. hahaha

    1. facebook is great. It’s people that are annoying. I would never tell someone not to get a facebook account. As with all things, choose your friends wisely. I love being able to post articles and see things people post. There’s so much out there that I would never have gotten a chance to be exposed to were it not for facebook. Plus you get to see how ridonkulous some people are and that can be a highlight to a dumpy day. Anyway, look forward to hear of your deactivation.
    “fragrant privacy fouls” is hilarious!

    2. I truly believe you would be one of those annoying people posting videos every two seconds with your new single or remix or other tomfoolerly. Oh gosh, thinking about you scouting for hawt boys for the videos that never quite happen, even more hilarious that “fragrant privacy fouls”

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