Great Sex or a Great Meal?

This was the question of the day on last week and it got me thinking.

Great sex or a good book?

Great sex or spending time with a close relative?

Great sex or a good movie?

Great sex or some quiet time to yourself?

According to TV and relationship blogs, if you are in a solid relationship, the sex is supposed to be great and it appears that you are supposed to enjoy that great sex as often as possible. We have all seen the pop culture scenes with two couples comparing the frequency of their sexcapades where one couple seems to always be DTF (down to fukc) and this makes the ‘once a week or so’ couple question their relationship.

I feel that everyone has their optimal level of sexual activity and this level probably changes depending on shit going on in their lives.  Not feeling well, tired, watching TV, reading  a book, got shit on my mind,  got work to do  and just don’t feel like should all be reasons for not wanting to get it in at any point in time. At the same time being tired or bored, inspired by a particular scene or situation in a book or movie may at another point in time call for some healing from your boo.

Are we comfortable in our relationships to share these thoughts with our partners? If you detect a change in your partners sex drive what would you think? Do you think there is an acceptable level of sexual activity in your relationship? Has this changed over time?

I hate to say it, really I do, but sex is often over-rated. Not that it isn’t enjoyable and can be special and exhilarating and relaxing and all the other fabulous adjectives you wanna insert here. But sex, great or not so great, can hold some mighty weighty expectations over our heads. While I do believe that sexual chemistry is a key ingredient to a good relationship, supposed god-forbid, you cannot have sex.  Illness, distance, busy schedules, many reasons may prevent that great sex from happening, what happens then?

I don’t think that if I decide to read a book, enjoy a good meal, chat on the phone with my brother or just cool and bubble by myself for an evening means that the sex isn’t great. I feel that a real relationship doesn’t need to prove itself all the time and sex often is a lone beacon in many a crappy ass relationship.

I would rather read a good book tonight, then  wake up to some great sex in the morning. Party with my sister friends this weekend and spend time with my guy during the week. Recognize that if you are in a happy and safe relationship, one that is vibrant and comfortingly predictable, there is no need to set up lose –lose situations where you need to choose between two of life’s joys. This may be one of those rare occasions where you can have your cake and eat it too, so cut a nice big slice and enjoy!.


Comments on: "Great Sex or a Great Meal?" (5)

  1. either i think too much or sometimes sex as it’s traditionally defined (penetration/ someone or something spurts :-/ ) often feels anti-climatic (pun intended) at times to me, personally–though not always. i much prefer small intimate moments (even within said sexcapades) and a good book will almost, always win out over great sex. or even something to put in my mouth (not an innuendo, i swear)–sadly i’d even take some good yummy bread pudding over great sex!

    • Thanks for commenting 🙂

      I think that the fact that you used sadly when stating your preference of bread pudding over sex is my point. Sex is soo hyped up that we feel the need to apologise when it doesn’t live up. Fulljoy what you enjoy! and I feel u on that bread pudding vibe. lol

  2. I agree. I think we definitely put far too much pressure on sex as a measuring stick for relationships when there are often far more major determinants in the dynamics we have with our partners that speak to what’s going on between us.

    All that said, not everyone like you eh and get to choose both! Choosing in a book when you know you have that great (or no so great) or not so great sex later is not really choosing, it’s more like delaying.

    So I think a better question is if you haven’t read a good book in a year or had great sex in a year and today you have an opportunity to read what is promised to be a great book, say like Unburnable or have great sex what would you choose today? I’d probably delay the book. 🙂

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