Inaugural Music Wednesday!

So I thought since it was the first time we’re doing Music Wednesdays, and I am definitely (of the 3 of us who write here) the most wutliss womon, I would give you a  few of my favourites from my various sex/wutlissniss  themed iTunes playlists.

1.   Mavado – Never Believe You


Because sometimes, you tell people what your various talents are and they just don’t believe you. Pleasant surprises abound.

2. Odisi Band – No One Style


Believe it or not, same way “some gyal cyan wine so dey stan up like a security in d dance”, some people really are not active participants in any process of wutlissniss. Just a reminder to those who aren’t that better is expected. And a congratulations to anyone who’s changing positions as appropriate.

3. Nina Simone – Do I Move You

Before I heard this song I didn’t know Ms Nina had wutliss tunes. With this song you should aim to have everyone involved in the pleasurable situation to be chanting, screaming, hissing “Yes!” by the time Ms Simone says “It pleases me.” 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

P.S. I said I was organizing it by theme, not by genre, don’t be all confused.


Comments on: "Inaugural Music Wednesday!" (3)

  1. Yeah, I’m glad you cleared up the genre/theme thing b/c I wasn’t seeing Nina Simone with Mavado and Odisi quite so obviously at all.
    I wonder if trendsettah will ‘low you with that most wutliss title….

  2. Trendsettah said:

    Imagine that. All I can say is tune in next week!

  3. Trendsettah said:

    Fyah selection by the way 🙂

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