stop the madness

This post is short b/c the matter is simple. I’m stuck at school b/c it’s raining. When it lets up I start to walk, why do I come across, not one, not two but THREE men urinating in the bush/against a wall in some not so inconspicuous place.

Will someone please explain to my why some men refuse to control their bladders? I know it was raining and all and that may stir up some feelings, but why is it I didn’t come cross any womyn crouching in the dark?

Train your boys from early. I remember once walking in town with a seven year old in my care. He told me he had to go to the bathroom, I said okay as I looked around for a store/restaurant that would let us use their facilities. No quicker had I turned my head was he heading to a wall about to whip out his penis. I nearly had a panic attack, and that’s when it hit me. People are schooling their young boys to relieve themselves as soon as they feel the urge. STOP it. Sphincter muscles are good, help them train them, impulse control is good.

Stop me from seeing this on my walk home!


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