fyah links

My links duh be real dated sometimes. Doesn’t mean they’re not fyah. 🙂

1. Moderation is for losers. This is long been a contention of mine. As I refuse to admit that I’m not a winner and moderation of anything tends to be an impossibility for me. Over at Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss they bring this moderation point home and I know at least when it comes to food there’s biology behind why when I buy a family sized pack of Cheetos it doesn’t last longer than 2 hours. Yes, I’m that bad/ they’re that good to me.

2. Articulation’s never been my strong point. I’m always stumbling for words, giving up on trying to explain myself even though I’m convinced I’m right. When I see people like this bring.de.fyah in such concrete ways I get jealous b/c I wish I could do it like them then I get feel immensely grateful that their voices are out there and are valued- at least in some spaces.

3. How great is Colorlines? This article on how the new birth control laws in the States that prohibit girls (17 and under) from access the morning after pill without consent from an adult specifically hurt girls and therefore communities of colour is so on point. I’m a big advocate of people not having children unless they want to. It’s a big decision and a child a major consequence, especially if you’re under 18.


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