It’s a day late, please forgive me!

This week’s music post is dedicated to St. Kitts – carnival is happening right now and I’m quite sad to be missing it. So a couple songs to keep me dancing, humming, tapping my feet in the cold.

1. King Konris – 20/20

King Konris won Calypso Monarch for the 5th time last night. Amazingly talented calypsonian who is under the age of 30. This was one of the songs he performed and won with – quite timely for St. Kitts and a lot of other nations that are struggling after colonization, and have transitioned/are transitioning from plantation agriculture to tourism. “Are we waiting blindly for 20/20 before we see/well we cannot wait for 20/20 for us to see – are we waiting to see what to do with our sugar lands, when every year is billions in foods slipping through we hands…”

2. Grand Masters – Jess Back

I think the only reason I love this song is because the name is so Kittitian/Nevisian – I’ve never heard anybody else say “dress back” or “jess back” to tell someone to move back. “Gyul I wan your body to be my best friend/so jess back an wine pon sumtin” lol This song is the only reason this post is tagged wutlissniss. Grand Masters Band has won the Road March title quite a few times in the past, we’ll have to check SKNVibes on Jan 2nd to see if they win the title once again.

3. I Wonder How – Masud Sadiki

I was going to post something that Masud Sadiki sang in this year’s Calypso Monarch competition but then I came across this song from one of his reggae albums. I have so much respect for Masud as an artist – I wish I could explain to you the feelings that rise in me when I hear this track but I’m not that gifted. He kind of reminds me of Buju in the til shiloh era on this – and don’t get me started on what the title track alone on that album does to my spirit.

Anybody else missing SK right now?


Comments on: "Muuuusic!" (1)

  1. Love these songs, just relaxed ones! The best for me is Grand Masters – Jess Back!!
    Peace and thanks

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