the death of us

My first event of the year, Old/New Years notwithstanding was a Calypso Show put on by the National Arts Cultural Committee of NJAC celebrating the twenty top calypsos of 2011.  The idea behind this the 24th year of the event makes great sense, it’s laudable even however the execution POOR for three main reasons

  1. Pomp and ceremony
  2. The choice of calypsos
  3. Organisation

Regarding the second all I will say is that there is no way anyone can seriously say that Benjai’s Trini is the best calypso of 2011. The third, I’m no events planner but I think you should check to see if see if people you would like to present an award are present before you invite them on stage- this happened no less than 5 times.

That said. Pomp and ceremony people, The speeches alone took over an hour- 25 minutes of invocation (5 different religious representatives)- 20 minutes of opening and welcoming remarks and 25 minutes of a feature address.

If this were 1950 I’d give us a free pass. The power of England and white people were forever pomping and ceremony-ing on us where we worked and toiled. It makes sense that as soon as we get the opportunity we palance on it a bit too. But oh gosh in 2012, surely we know people of colour are in leadership, are articulate and have great hope for our nations. Now I think we’re just being selfish, we want our personal time to talk too much and waste too many people’s time. We want to be the one’s on stage.

This selfishness needs to end. We have work to do. The more our leaders talk the less they do. The more we talk, the less we do. So to everyone, 2012- shorter speeches, less pomp, less ceremony, it’s really not about us- it’s about the work we do for each other. So let’s stop looking in the mirror and get to it!


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