This week, as most weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about health. The following are links that I’ve come across speaking about black/Caribbean/African diasporic communities and various kinds of health.

1. Black People Don’t Kill Themselves, Right?

A simply written article on the Root, written by poet and founder of The Siwe Project, Bassey Ikpi about the important of conversations about mental health in black communities.

2. Caribbean Raw Food

I thought “Caribbean” and “Raw Food” were terms that would never go together outside of a salad side, but this site has some interesting recipes for (what looks like) non bland raw food dishes. As someone who did a raw diet for 3 weeks and struggled through drinking blended lettuce and tomatoes, this is definitely inspiring.

3. Ballet Creole

So they don’t explicitly speak about health, but they are a company that offers African/Caribbean dance classes for all ages and levels in the Toronto area – definitely making physical health fun for communities that might be missing home in the dead of winter.

So, what’s on your health radar these days?


Comments on: "conversations about health…" (2)

  1. I’ve been trying to stress about weight less, meditate more & incorporate hast mudras since someone turned me on to these. They’ve been very beneficial:

  2. pieces2peace said:

    thanks for sharing soyluv… how often do you do them and how long do you hold each pose?

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