I’ve been watching Luther finally.

I just watched the 5th episode of series 1. Yes, I’m behind, that’s how I like to be.

Several comments:

1. Idris Elba is incredibly sexy. Beyond hot. I can’t even describe the effect even his picture has on me. I will say however, Luther- not quite as sexy. It illustrates my predispostion to men who are not troubled and/or violent. Also I have not the slightest clue what’s going on with his hair.

2. The archtypes of black men on television are certainly not vast and I’m on the fence about what I feel about him being a large (tall, solid build) black man who is often prone to fits of violence when he is upset. This is of course tempered by the fact that he is a genius- the Goren of London police investigations with his intuition, deductive reasoning. I know this has changed but his commitment to his wife- a mixed race woman of colour certainly goes against the stereotype of the smooth-talking (wishful) womanising player type of black man or that of the socially inept straight black man. So whereas some variations are present I still don’t think he’s complex enough. Also, I love that most of his “difference” is attributed to/ presented as him having mental problems- this representation of mentalism is rampant throughout the show.

3. How many bodies of women who have been killed by men do we have to be subjected to on television. It’s incredibly problematic for many reasons. Two primary ones which cause me angst are

  1. it desensitises us to the violence
  2. it is almost always presented as something pathological and not the violence that women live with day in- day out at the hands of men who following psychological assessment would not meet a single criteria of anything in the dsm-iv-tr

4. I like order. I like following rules (mine or others) if they make sense. I endeavour to be honest, even when it’s difficult and in that vein I tend to resent rule-breakers. And Luther is a rule-breaker. Television loves to valourise the means justify the ends way of doing things- precisely the tactic that Luther uses is his loosey goosey morally driven efforts at finding criminals. It makes people feel good when victims are found and killers are brought to justice but that same loosey goosey approach allows for serious abuses of power.

5. Though I am fully anti-violence I find it amusing/baffling/sad that UK police officers don’t have guns. Poor them buddy.

Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. pieces2peace said:

    it’s taken me so long to comment on this and i still can’t say much at least nothing that’s rational, well thought out, or even much of a response. i love idris elba. i love luther. how dare you criticize his hair? Your nose hairs. Yea, your nose hairs.

    When I’m rewatching one of the greatest shows in recent history, i’ll think about all that other stuff you said. I don’t want it to be true but I have a feeling it is. Whatever.

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