The “meh” list

So tomorrow’s 14 Feb, known in this end of the world as Valentine’s Day. And I feel like Valentine’s Day is something that many people seem to either love or hate. I am not one of those people. So to start off the list of things that are neither here nor there for me (I don’t think I care enough to even call it ambivalence):

1. Valentine’s Day: For all the talk about the commercialization of love and made up holidays for card companies to profit from, I really can’t manage to have any feelings about it. I’m skeptical about it being lauded as the one day a year you have to appreciate the person(s) you are in a relationship with, but the same critiques can be made of birthdays and anniversaries. Also, I sometimes do appreciate occasional milestones  that remind us to check in and reflect on relationships/ people, events. All of that said, I actually don’t care enough to be bothered by the overload of pink and red heart-shaped paraphernalia in stores or to be annoyed if the person I’m involved with doesn’t acknowledge the day. I would attend either Valentine’s day and anti-Valentine’s day gatherings once the food or the company (yes that was “or” not “and”) was good enough to warrant the 10 minutes it takes me to put on winter gear.

2. Nicki Minaj: I know a few feminists/womanists who are convinced Nicki Minaj is the antithesis of feminism. I’ve read a few feminist readings of Nicki Minaj and her work. I’ve seen the clip of her singing with Sophia Grace on the Ellen show. I still really don’t care. I’ve had moments where I’ve found her mildly entertaining and even semi-interesting. I’ve had moments where I’ve been slightly annoyed by her (the fake generic Caribbean/Jamaican accent). But for the most part, she’s a non issue. I don’t find anything about her original or new or extreme enough to warrant my love or hate. So meh.

3. Chocolate: It’s a great addition to the best ice cream ever. It’s great for dipping berries in. But if I were to find out tomorrow that my migraines were caused by chocolate, I would have no problem abstaining (cheese would be another story completely). I don’t know if my brain has a different chemical makeup that is responsible for both my indifference to chocolate and my inability to orgasm during sex (I know you didn’t see that one coming but choose between blaming Trendsettah’s post last week or all the links people make between chocolate and sex/love) but whatever it is, chocolate definitely rounds off the meh list perfectly.

So people, what do people tend to think you should love or hate that you don’t care about? What’s on your “meh” list?

Comments on: "The “meh” list" (2)

  1. Stop trying to make me “meh”. I have convictions on just about everything and am almost always right!
    1. I’m anti-valentines- it makes too many too obnoxious! But I guess I too, “appreciate occasional milestones that remind us to check in and reflect on relationships/ people, events”.
    2. I’m almost anti-Nikki Minaj. But sometimes I do get caught up the dynamism of her performance.
    3. I’m pro-chocolate. Twix. is. my. life. I look forward to going to the grocery so I can get my Twix fix. None of that high end nonsense. Twix, Crunchie and settling for Snickers b/c it’s what’s in the vending machine most accessible to me.

  2. Come to think of it I may be “meh” about chocolate too. I haven’t had any in a while and there is no strong desire to have any soon. I have gone through phases with chocolate and do enjoy a good Dairy milk or Dove bar but if I had to stop I think I could.

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