makes the ppl come together

The last soca post for a good while. I promise. But carnival is now over in Trinidad and though I was not there and it pained me to a great degree I was most pleased not to have witnessed the outcome of Soca Monarch. So to the song’s I liked, not necessarily for the win but enjoyed either b/c they’re great or b/c they’re silly.

How this man manages to succeed with with very Jamaican influenced style- musical and fashion in the soca arena continues to fascinate me. But I had really find this catchy. Walk with yuh bucket. I sure I AM made plenty money this rounds.

Prophet Benjamin like he pull a Sizzla on us with this one. He placed much higher than I would have predicted. I don’t think it’s brilliant but it is a nice play on words.

Finally. My favourite. I’ve already posted some of his music but let me say that though I certainly don’t think he is necessarily the people’s champion when he talk bout how everything wet I just want to hold my head and throw wine! 🙂


Comments on: "makes the ppl come together" (5)

  1. pieces2peace said:

    I ❤ Benjai. And throw wine annoys me. I tried and tried and tried. But I can't.

    • Love the Benjai too! Did you see Prophet at Soca Monarch finals? Cringe inducing at many parts! lol

      • pieces2peace said:

        Lol. I saw part of it and couldn’t continue. It was ridiculousness. And I usually enjoy ridiculousness. So yea… Ugh.

  2. It takes me a while to get into any soca that doesn’t originate in the 268 ( it is what it is). I see the Benjai growing on me, I really like his voice. I don’t have any cooler fete experience so I can’t really relate to Swappi. Please forgive me as I ask for clarification on the play on words regarding Throw waist?
    Wishing everyone in TNT a safe and wonderful carnival!

    • Because in the song, he does a semi-silly allusion to actual wine–the beverage. “Dutty up all meh shoe” etc. It’s not the best attempt & it’s inconsistent throughout but hey, it was catchy & hella popular. :-/

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