fyah spots

So this week, a few completely unrelated things stood out to me. Warning: you are about to witness some allovertheplacedisconnectedness.

  1. Feminist Care Packages – I think this is a great idea. It reminds me of a plan derevolushunwidin and I had one summer where I was being sexually harassed on the street on an almost daily basis. We wanted to print cards for womyn to carry around that said “Today, you made a woman feel uncomfortable.” and on the flipside, a list of feminist-ish resources explaining how catcalling, grabbing and other things some men do to some women contribute to systems of misogyny/patriarchy and overall just make the world feel very unsafe for womyn.
  2. How to Make an Art – a video I found particularly entertaining because I often feel like “art” goes over my head, and suspect some “art” is a bunch of bull.
  3. Threw it on the ground – sometimes I laugh at people like this guy, sometimes I am people like this guy (shit needs to be thrown on the ground sometimes). 

Happy weekend, fyah fam!


Comments on: "fyah spots" (4)

  1. 1, crunk feminist collective rocks! I love them.

    2. dude in the Cosby sweater… yeah art continues to confuse me, that said check out ARC featuring/fostering/encouraging Caribbean art http://arcthemagazine.com/arc/

    3. Happy birthday on the GROUND!

  2. Co-sign the care package!

    I could not get over the Burt hat so I can’t make any comments on what he actually said. Did he keep referring to the viewers as ‘Internets’ though?

    Dude never needed to dash the free hot dog and the cake to the ground, lol. Looks like he needs a series of hugs.

  3. pieces2peace said:

    So on the care packages… I was having a conversation with someone today and they didn’t like the care packages. They said it felt like a very individual solution to a systemic problem, and thought it wouldn’t change very much.

    I thought about it and I get it, but I still appreciate the effort whether or not it solves the world’s misogyny. Thoughts?

    • Are we looking for some-thing to solve the world’s misogyny? I think it takes individual engagements with men and women on the ground even if it is one by one to start to effect change.

      Education reform, as in re-writing to include the concepts of power and privilege, critical analysis of gender(ed) socialisation etc, is the only way that I feel this problem can truly and wholly be addressed and I think that will only come about if there is a groundswell of individuals who demand that reform.

      my 2 cents

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