Welcome to Music Wednesday Thursday!

Apologies for the lateness – I was in behind-gods-back-canada where wireless internet only exists in science fiction books.

So a friend recently posted the video below on my facebook wall:


I found it amusing, and anyone who knows me knows there’s no music I love better than wutliss music. So today’s post is dedicated to sidetingism – known in some judgmental people’s worlds as “cheating” – across genres.

1. Slip Away – Zan

This was one of my favourite songs of 2009. The melody catches me but that “old fire sticks burn slow” line hits me more than anything – it just is one of those lines that sounds so home-ish to me. This song is great for those people who think that cheating doesn’t count if it’s an ex.


2. Saving All My Love – Whitney Houston

I know people try to play like this isn’t one of the ultimate matey/side ting/other woman songs but I don’t see how when there’s a line like “My friends try and tell me, find a man of my own” in the middle of it. Wutlissniss disguised as a slow tune always slips under the radar!


3. The Other Woman – Nina Simone

Undoubtedly, the most depressing song on this list. “And when her baby comes to call/he’ll find her waiting like a lonesome queen”, definitely doesn’t make the life of the side ting sound glamourous.


4. Tek Him Back – Tanya Stephens

I’m not sure which came first – my love for Tanya or my love for wutlissniss. In either case, the two loves now reinforce each other and anyone who knows Tanya knows that I could have filled this whole post with Tanya since 50% of her material seems to be inspired by her involvement in wifey/matey situations. I chose “Tek Him Back” because I do believe it takes a supreme level of boldness to “steal” someone’s man and then when you realise he’s useless ask the woman to come get him.


So Fyah Stirrers, what would make your side ting list?





Comments on: "Music!!!!!!!!" (1)

  1. I have a very good friend who lubbbbbbbb wan matey song, when me say lub I mean lubbbbb. Secondly sidetingism is ole news, the new word is ‘concubinage’ stress on the ‘inage’, I think the word might can be used either as a noun or a an adjective. Also I neverrrr heard of the word ‘Deputy Wife’ until recently, I was like bam bam bam bam bam Sheriff Wife and Deputy Wife ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    *straight face* My top Matey songs are as follows:

    1) Saving All My Love by Whitney. I remember knowing the lyrics of this song from an early age, but not understanding the meaning till I was in my late teens. The smooth ballad makes you feel sorry for the situation, you can’t help but say ‘awwwwwwww she lub him’. This is the BEST matey song evaaaaaaaaaa…..

    2) To The Rescue by Tanya Stephens. Tanya is team Matey, and I get the concept of ‘saving’ men, cause true say I would have lovedddddddd to ‘save’ Kobe Bryant. In reality though, I can deal with the stress of looking over my shoulder all the time lol lol lol.

    3) Pickney Naw Hold Man Again. I am not sure if is Merciless sang that, but a my big chune dat, for pure personal reasonssssss. I think every woman has had to deal with a situation like that, where baby moda naw act right.

    ps Trendsettah did a post like this a while ago, is wha wid you’ll family so? Why you’ll promoting concubinage? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha a

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