Friday! Friday!

Another Friday and as usual I’m amazed that so many people manage to work 9 to 5’s at the very least and only a small percentage end up being homicidal. I personally congratulate myself when after spending 40 hours over the course of 5 days with such a small group of people (who I’m not with on the basis of me really enjoying being in their company) I manage to have not screamed at, kicked or bit anyone or even cried. If you succeeded too this week, congrats! If not, there’s always next week.

Two links that I was thankful for coming across this week:

  1. The Ally’s Toolkit – I don’t know who runs this microblog, but the first post I saw was How To Deal with Being Called Out and I knew I was in love. I think this could be a really useful resource when I, as an ally, try to continually understand how my (straight, cis-gender, able-bodied, middle class…) privileges work, and try to build more inclusive and equitable spaces around me.
  2. Let’s Start a Conversation about Health – I’m cheating because I came across this months ago, but it’s a really great video to move away from shame/blame models of “why are you ‘unhealthy’?” and towards looking at issues that impact our health as communities and things that act as barriers to individuals and communities leading healthier lives.

Fyah stirrers, did you come across anything interesting this week?


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  1. […] few months ago in one of my Friday posts, I shared the Ally’s Toolkit. Today, I came across a great blog post Ethical Alternatives to […]

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