Love sweet love…

How could you not love them? 3 Bs- Black, British, Braids. I always wanted braid like they had. And the British accents? You could just feel them comin’ attacha. I first saw them on the Nikolodeon’s Kids Choice Award and decided on my love from there.

I’m not in love with this song but I think it’s definitely something young kids of African descent should be hearing as they  come up.

I heard this song in a movie and it was just stuck in my head. I searched everyone i.e. several google searches for it. Found it. Canadian band… my heart just melts when I hear this song. I reposted this song too many times. My “friends” got severely fed up of me and it. Who cares!


Comments on: "makes the people come together…" (2)

  1. pieces2peace said:

    Ummm. How could you just get on Brutal Hearts? I’m pretty sure I’ve forced you to listen to that before.

    I still haven’t listened to the Black Gold song cuz I’m afraid to have to roll my eyes at anything Algebra and Esperanza do.

    Lol @ your Cleopatra obsession!

  2. pieces2peace said:

    Sorry. I’m a dirty liar. You evidently were the one who introduced me to Brutal Hearts.

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