One of my guilty pleasure celebrity crushes is Vince Vaughn. His characters are the same in all his films and he often talks about getting together, usually in party situations, and making some good old-fashioned bad decisions. He is speaking about alcohol inspired bad decisions which are not endorsed by Addfyahandstir, but ice cream, pizza, deep fried anything, sleeping in a little longer, giving your number to  that cutie you met in the streets, buying an item of clothing you love but don’t need. All these things can be classified as bad decisions but don’t they sometimes make you feel oh so good.

Disclaimer: this is not about obviously dangerous and risky behaviour, but the deviations from your linear plan that can bring a smile to your face, I want to propose, are good bad decisions that can bring light and joy to an otherwise dreary day/time/space.

I spoke to a wise woman this weekend who told me about a time that after a particularly bad day at her job she stopped off at the store and bought a pint of ice cream and six candy bars. She went home and used those six candy bars as a spoon (my heroine) and finished the pint of ice cream while watching television. The look on her face as she retold this experience made it clear to me that her therapy came at the bottom of that pint of ice cream.

A once in a while splurge, leap of (blind) faith, or release can be just what we need at times in our lives. You know others may not agree, you know that tomorrow’s gym session may need to be a little more rigorous, or the budget may need some tweaking next time or you may have to avoid some phone calls for a bit but there is something to be said for a even a little bit of instant gratificaiton/rule breaking/ brukking out, once is a while. I think we all deserve it.

Disclaimer again, don’t tell people that I am  suggesting that you derail your emotional and physical  health, financial goals, career and general well being for a quick fix. Keep your overall goals in mind but a treat once in a while can be what I  need to take me through the Mondays (like today).

For me I think it’s listening to slackness ( this song may be a problem),  buying make-up (the pretty-pretty colours) and splurging on a meal. I know that my sensibilities, budget and belly take their hits but what can I say, it makes me feel good.

Do you agree with my line of defence? What are your good bad decisions?


Comments on: "In Defence of Bad Decisions" (5)

  1. Nice post! 🙂 Vince Vaughn used for good. 🙂
    I wish I could fully embrace this, I’m a slippery slope kinda gyal, all of a sudden that ice cream with chocolate bars may become a bi-weekly routine. I’m working on it though, but I have been known to polish off many a family-sized bag of chips in less than an hour.
    Either way my goal for April will be to enjoy the slippages and not spend too much time in regret.

  2. achrisphil said:

    I very much agree. Every once in a while, you should be allowed to say “what the hell” and treat yourself to a guilty pleasure 😀

  3. If it’s only sometimes, I wouldn’t even consider that a bad decision! What’s the point of being thin, rich, etc, if you can’t have a little fun sometimes?

    Everything in moderation 😛

  4. something’s gotta give so amen to guilty pleasures like keylime pie, sushi and 10yr old English Harbour !!!!

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