More wutliss music?

Yes. Because I’m preparing to head to Fire Fete this weekend for hours of misbehaviour, I figured I’d share my skin out tunes these days.


1. Rude Gyal – Kimba Sorazano

“Behaviour below say d poverty line dat mean your conduct it poor.” Wooooooooooooooooooooooooy.


2. Bottle of Rum – Machel Montano

Like derevolushun, I try to resist loving Machel tracks but this one does mek you wan (as she say) hol yuh head an win’.


3. Miss Behave – Faye Ann Lyons

This will be me this weekend. I will limit myself to jump and wave… until they say… “drop pon d groun an’ roll”.


Wa wutlissniss awyuh up to weekend time?


Comments on: "More wutliss music?" (1)

  1. Pure envy in my soul this wkd. How dare you out my Bottle of Rum shame!
    Have fun rolling on the ground… I going and hold my head a little more in my room b4 I start my day!

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