fyah links

Over at the crunkfeministcollective they always seem to be bringing fyah. I often toy with prison abolition. I say toy b/c oh my gosh, the level activism it requires for commitment seems insurmountable. But it’s definitely something to think about. Word to Angela Davis.

For the lighter side without getting into too much information about me this article made me think it sure has been awhile since I’ve had any of these libido boosting foods save the eggs I’ve had no boosts in awhile.

Can I tell you how much I miss reading? I mean the blogosphere has soo much but I miss books, fiction. I know with e-books and kindles and ipads I shouldn’t be jonesing but I am. I have none of those things, nor can currently afford it. That said this book list of black feminist queer consciousness-raising brings back some memories of wonderfully complicated books I’ve read- shout out to Annie John & Kindred¬†and books I’m sure that would be wonderfully complicated to read.


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