witness a crime?

This wkd the postman came to check my neighbour and left his scooter running in the open garage downstairs and someone rode
away on it. This floored me. I don’t mind and completely understand
people planning to steal. But you see that level of apparent bad mind and idle opportunism I have no respect for. It looks cute in the cartoon but let me tell you having a man in his 60s run after his scooter in the road is not okay. I’m generally anti-violence but let me tell you, had I gotten into a car in time I’d have  hit the culprit with my car and had to resist the very strong urge not to run him over. Oh gosh people… come better than that nuh.

That said crime in the region is on the rise. I understand that crime is a function of society, especially capitalist societies like our own that breed need and greed to the point that people often have to undertake unsavoury/ less than ideal means to get what they want/need. The law is no bastion of neutrality either, it’s all complicated. My focus here however is not on so much on the complexity of crime but on what do when you witness a crime.

  1. Go outside. In some neighbourhoods this is trickier than others. Caribbean people I am convinced are inherently fass however depending on the norms of your neighbourhood you may feel inclined to stay inside and not actually see what’s going on. I implore you to go outside. Outrage must be demonstrated simply by opening  your door and/or looking out your window.
  2. Find out what happened. You may think you know/understood what happened but try as much as possible to demonstrate support to the wronged individual (if s/he was in fact wronged), get some details, ask some questions, let them vent… be fass.
  3. Call the police/ be a witness. I recommend this only if you really saw what happened, hearsay is inadmissible. Not having a [reliable] witness really makes your case a lot more difficult to try and often makes the victim feel like they are going crazy- ever needed/wished you had a witness for that fender-bender where you were wronged?
  4. Talk about it. People are far too silent about the crimes they witness. We trivialise crimes big and small. Our jaded responses and general lack of shock and outrage around crime is making us complicit with victimhood.
  5. Get violent. Planned crime I get but badmind deserves licks.
  6. Follow up. Check in with people who have been victims long after the event and see how they are doing. Sometimes the effects are far more reaching that they/we could have anticipated.

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  1. love #5 !!

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