Music Wednesday

I was chatting with a sister friend about bills and boys and decisions and babies and all the things that didn’t weigh so heavily on our minds 15+ years ago.

Here’s some of the music  that was on my mind 15+ years ago.

Brandy- I wanna be down

I was team Brandy all day every day. I knew this album by heart!

TLC- Baby, Baby, Baby

I loved the Crazy Sexy Cool album. I wanted to be Chilli soo bad.

Spragga Benz- A1 Lover

Spragga Benz has made me think carnal thoughts long before I knew they were carnal. He still looks damn good and I do try to resist flirting with him on twitter 🙂

Usher- Bedtime

Oh this was my fantasy love song from my husband-in-my-head. It actually is still on my playlist, this whole album as a matter of fact.

Tanya Stephens- Big Ninja Bike

Big heavy gyal nah ride pan nuh scooter.. dun talk!!

Alison Hinds- Faluma

Party time!!

Hope u enjoy!






Comments on: "Music Wednesday" (3)

  1. Liking the compilation
    1. team Monica.
    2. T. Boz
    3. Spragga stays (tdot what) supa sexy
    4. Usher… I wish I didn’t love him as much as I do
    5. Tanya to the world!
    6. Alison to the world!

  2. *grin* *big hug*

  3. pieces2peace said:

    Yea. Ummm. Approve of everything else except the Team Brandy.

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