The last two months of my life have been overpopulated with conversations about dating. This is due to a combination of factors: a couple of my friends are (on what they term) a “husband hunt”, one friend just got out of a relationship, two just got into relationships, and I went on a date for the first time in a long while recently. A lot of  my conversations have centred around dating with the politics we have (feminist, anti-racist, anti-homophobia etc).

I came a cross this interesting tumblr Dating While Feminist which has a few interesting bits on safe sex, street harassment and how to date in a sexist world. It’s also the site I pulled the image on this article from (they had me at Ryan Gosling).

I also had to go searching for this article again recently, Dating While Feminist: Anatomy of an Intellectual Affair. I loved and related to this article to a certain extent when I read it almost 2 years ago. But now (I think this is going to be maybe the 3rd time in life I’ve said this) I also appreciate some of the comments & critiques – from what I remember it incited quite a few conversations in the blogosphere.

Fyah-stirrers, what are your feminist-ish dating experiences? Anything else on your mind?


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