Self Care Pledge

One of the standard workshops I run is on self-care. The last activity in the workshop, we ask people to write themselves a promise, a “Self Care Pledge”, one thing that they will do for themselves i)each day ii)each week and iii)each month. Each time I facilitate this workshop, I fill out my pledge and, more often than not, do not follow through on my commitment to myself. Fyah stirrers, I’m sharing my self care pledge with you today in the hopes that I will have too much shame to break such a public promise.

I pledge to go to bed early every day. I am not a person who can feel rested on 6 hours of sleep – I need 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night in order to wake up smoothly and not suffer a severe energy level crash at 2pm. Something always tends to feel more important than getting to sleep by 11pm though – finishing a True Blood episode I’ve already seen, having a phone conversation with someone I can call the next day, online shopping on Forever21. Going to sleep late also means I am less likely to get up early for a run, and I’ve learned running 3 mornings a week can make my mood infinitely better. So, I promise that I will make every effort to be in bed and asleep by 11pm at the latest.

I pledge to prepare lunches for myself every week. I used to be really good at doing this every weekend. This requires me to go grocery shopping and set aside time to cook which is simple enough, but often by Sunday I’m so tired that I fail at my half-hearted attempts to get myself out of bed. The times I do manage this, my week tends to go a lot better – I spend less unnecessary money, I feel better since I generally cook healthy and delicious meals (yes, that was me bigging myself up – I good to put in house), and my weekday nights feel a lot less rushed because one major task is already done. With 40 days left in Toronto, my evenings are throwaways in terms of not spending money on food and eating healthily since I’m going out for dinner with friends a lot more often, but my lunches can still be sensible.

I pledge to take time to reflect and unpack every month. I remember derevolushun telling me once that a lot more people should go to therapists because we pick up so much little shit in our daily lives and never take the time to think about it/unpack it/release it. In this vein, I’d like to promise myself to take some alone time every month (maybe go on a date with myself) to evaluate my thoughts, feelings and journeys for the month past, and figure out how i’d like to move forward into the next one.

Fyah stirrers, are you good at taking care of yourselves? Do you need to make some public promises here too? Let’s hold each other accountable!

Happy Monday.

Comments on: "Self Care Pledge" (6)

  1. Thank you for a fyahful Monday morning post, this really put me in a good brain space to start out the day and the week.

    I too will pledge to schedule a monthly unpacking date with myself, it is definitely long overdue!

  2. @ trendsettah… the post really had a soothing energy to it ent?

    Ideal list
    daily- Go to bed by 11pm.
    weekly- Go to the beach.
    monthly- Journal.

    More likely
    daily- Get at least 30 mins of exercise in.
    weekly- Cook lunch for the week.
    monthly- Get hair done. (I’m not even sure about this one)

    Maybe one day soon the two will morph.

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