Homework “Help”

This will be a short post as it actually is a rant, please bare with me.

Since when do parents actually do their children’s homework.  As in spend time (usually at work) researching, compiling, editing, formatting and printing off completed research projects and assignments that their child was given to complete at school. Exactly when did this foolishness become acceptable.

I have no problems with assisting a child with a project, that is a wonderful thing but to come to work with glue and scissors and manila paper to actually do the work, no bueno.

My rant comes on the heels of a phone call I received today from an acquaintances who was asking me to help her child with a project due tomorrow that the child does not understand. The child has not read the assignment, actually the child couldn’t even tell me what the question was about but she was desparate for ‘help’. Lets just say that this acquaintance is not likely to call me back probably ever because I had to let her know that I do not have time to do homework for 3rd form students, and she was not impressed. Unfortunately for her, I was fresh out of shits to give.

Last week a tertiary level student came to me for ‘help’ with an assignement that was due that very day and she too had not even read the assignment. Really??? What do you want from me if you haven’t even read the questions, or the readings and the assignment is due in 2 hours you say. Oh seen…

Homework sucks, it’s not fun when you have to complete and submit it and I am the reigning champion procrastinator since 1998 (trust me), so am not casting any shade for lateness, but at least attempt to do your own work. And parents, you are not helping your children by doing the assignment for them. There will come a time when you will be unable to ‘help’ and little Toya or Karim will not have a clue about how to research and manage their time and this will put them at a serious disadvantage.

Again, I do not mind helping out, I usually learn something or re-acquaint myself with some fun facts and enjoy challenging young people to ensure that they understand the work, but I refuse to go any further than that.

Does this bother anyone else?


Comments on: "Homework “Help”" (2)

  1. The parents just encourage the laziness and it is frustrating!!!!!!! They come to school and refuse to think.

  2. @ Trendsettah- lol… me farders, I woulda hate to be that acquaintance burdie.
    That said, teachers are also sometimes to blame, especially at the primary school level… The work is faaaaaaaaaaarrr to advanced for them so from time they have to and then come to rely on parents/ friends of parents/ neighbours to help. As a neighbour… it’s FRUSTRATING.
    But that late timing story and coming asking for help… Purely unacceptable.
    @Handful- Parents do need to pay more attention to deadlines etc they really are encouraging foolishness.

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