This is not a flowery post. Rare you’d get one of those from me.

Disclosing a positive STI status. Now I’m not sure I’d do it when/how she does it (just before it’s about to go down) but disclosure’s not easy thing so how you do it, once you’re doing it, to each her/his own. I’m big on talking about sex and am not super prone to casualness so it’s easier for me to have those conversations as early as possible without being too presumptuous. Maybe I’ll share my own rules/ guidelines/ suggestions for those conversations another time.

Sometime I like this guy, sometimes I don’t. This round I really like his piece about not planning for love. I feel as though I wrote this piece. I’ve experienced time and time again being the subject of excitement as a romantic prospect only to find out with time (I’m getting better at spotting it) that it has less to do with us/me and more to do with me fitting into pre-me plans. Now I get that womyn interested in children have more pressure re: timeline and plans are important in that respect. I however am not one of them and more easily identify with the author. Save his emphasis as what I love being transformative in and of itself. I’m more of a if we fit I’m willing to love in that transformative way.

Finally, this piece on the thrill of chasing straight girls has been troubling me for awhile now. I still need to frame a discussion around it that addresses heterosexism and my only issues with it. But for now, for me, as a womon who’s “not that straight” there are definitely some moments of unease around in/outside conversations + audiences, desire and deception. I do however encourage it to be read with a semi-tongue-in-cheek attitude. I also think it requires some knowledge of Staceyann Chinn, her work (a lot of which I love) and her context; it’s those things that bring me down to troubling from outraged.

Fyah Friday!


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