Music Wednesdays

So today I’m going to share some music that has made plenty people buse me off, but I know behind the anger/confusion was pure unadulterated joy. As I told derevolushun yesterday, if art that I consider to be terrible is not being produced, then artists are not taking enough chances. So fyah stirrers, allow me to share some music that brings out the Mean Girl in me (cue my raucous laughter).

1. Black Diamond – Sexy Rider


2. Buffy – Kinkie Kinkie


3.  Namata – Treasure in You


What bad music brings you joy?


Comments on: "Music Wednesdays" (5)

  1. I cannot believe you posted these videos. O_O

  2. JAMDOWN said:

    Dream killers!!!! Namata is doing his thing and so is the rest of the other *artists*. Im serious!

    • pieces2peace said:

      I’m not quite sure how I’m killing anyone’s dreams by thinking it’s a bad video and saying it’s a bad video. Who told you my dream wasn’t to be a music critic? Maybe you’re killing my dreams.

  3. @ jamdown: She’s a dream killer indeed!

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