Fyah Fridays

Yay Friday!

I had a good week, got a few things done and started earnestly on a few others. May looks like it will be a busy month so looking forward to some exciting things.

I found some good stuff for y’all this week. Hope you enjoy.

What exactly is risky sex? Peep some fyah full insights on Caribbean Sexuality from the Barbershop. A fresh new column in the Daily Observer in Antigua. Issues include alcoholism, transactional sex, rape and other topics that, more often than not, when addressed in mainstream Caribbean media make me cringe. Check it out every Tuesday, comment and share.

I know that speaking about how racist so-called post-racial America is isn’t new, but I really liked this article from Jezebel.  A Complete Guide to Hipster Racism really resonated for me and reminded me of how frustrated I was around some ‘progressive’ white folk when I lived in Toronto. So you went to see the Jamaican Boys Choir over the weekend? You find the need to mention to me that it was such a great performance, pretty much every time we meet in the lunch room. You never  speak to me about any other plays or performance that you see every weekend. Yea… Jezebel just conceptualized that annoyance I felt and they are pretty on point.

About that mess of a film based on a book by Steve Harvey that is raking in big bucks at the box office. I confess, I went to see it. I confess, I also read the book. I totally have a defence for reading the book though. Hear me out!  I was a guest of Derevolushun at a book club and we all clowned the shit out of that sorry chunk of sexism and foolishness. The movie, I went to see with a friend cus she asked me kindly and I like hanging out with her. It was funny at points but it was as bad as I thought in terms of the maddening rules that he proposes cisgendered men and women should live by. I came across this montage of clips by Harvey where he is saying some real dumb shit and sits there pleased as punch because he feels that he is doing folks a favour. The sad thing is that people will still
eat up this simplistic, often patronising ‘advice’ that he doles out to women looking for love.  Sigh, traditional and extremely sexist gender roles are alive and kicking my friends.
Fyah Family, Have a Great Weekend!

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  1. I was going to comment on everything else but I I got stuck at you saying you saw Think Like a Man. I’ll give you and pieces2peace a free pass b/c I know of your Michael Ealey love.

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