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This self-care story is kicking me in the backside. This has been a hectic convoluted week, and something tells me it’s just the lead in to a hectic convoluted month. My work.fit.play is near non-existent, no direction just frenzied movement. So this is a rather eclectic collection.

Polyamory. I’ve never been a believer. I’m not sure I thought it was dishonest, I just thought it was impossible. However a  few months ago a new friend spoke to me about her experience with it which in many ways mirrored this author’s and it sounded so powerful- the honesty, the communication… I like rules. Actually I love rules, and really if people can be honest with themselves and their partners they can uncover all those latent messages around relationships that they hold to be true and figure out a path that can work for them both. It must be scary… polyamourous or not.

Young Caribbean feminists, young Caribbean women. Things are happening. Catch a Fire this month is bound to be incredible. The planning and networking potential tied in with all the stuff that will happen when people get home…. Excitement. CIWIL is back! Caribbean women 21-30 interested in leadership, a whole training programme in Barbados. Make it happen people deadline is the 18th May, 2012.

Finally… Since Februray I said I would make myself a pie. Have I done it yet? No.  fyah stirrers, I’m putting this here to hold myself accountable. By the end of July I need to have made one of these pies and posted a picture on this site. If you have recommendations re: which pie be sure to let me know.


Comments on: "fyah links" (2)

  1. pieces2peace said:

    polyamory works for me in theory. in practice? i’m not that evolved.
    i wish i could be at catch a fire! and at ciwil! oooo…

  2. […] (wonderful, fantastic, fabulous, spectacular) womyn at Catch a Fire, mentioned it a few times here and here. Connecting with other Caribbean women who identify with both the name and/or the politics […]

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