My father’s a dj. Well not quite. In addition to his 24/7 he’s had a radio show playing jazz on Sunday evenings since before I was born. His tastes reach far beyond jazz. He’s open to listening to anything and loves assessing it’s worth- he still points to his predicting Shaggy’s comeback after hearing this song in a shop in Tortola.

For awhile he was worried that my sister and I weren’t interested in music. This concerned him greatly, this major joy in his life had not been passed down. This changed with time (as my mother said it would), now he sends me cds with what he thinks are the next greatest hits and though I don’t always concur I quite enjoy the music consultation.

He had reason to be concerned back in the day.

  • I rolled my eyes when he danced in the living room or the kitchen
  • I sighed when yet another jazz cassette was pushed into the deck on the drives home
  • I silently wished he’d turn off whatever was playing on the cd player whenever we were getting ready in the morning.

There were however a few moments when I was thankful for his love and his music in my younger years.

My first concert ever was a CARIFESTA concert. The feature acts with Beenie Man and David Rudder. Tell me why I knew all of David Rudder’s songs? Those many many mornings getting ready for school.

I wasn’t quite young when my dad introduced me to her but it shows how easy it is to miss gems when you’re not paying attention. Esperanza, the self-titled album is some kind of beautiful and he’d sent me her stuff pre-Grammy, pre-self-titled album b/c he maybe does have a gift. 🙂

Yeah, I’m not sure pre-teens should be singing about having lightening in their thunder thighs but the energy of the Saffire Blues Women was unmistakeable. I remember someone once describing them as cheesy but I could care less I can probably know this whole album inside out.

Thank you for the music Daddy. 🙂

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