I have been turning my TV off and listening to more music recently. I get a whole lot more done and take much more Trendsettah time. #selfcare

I have been in a very thoughtful mood, thinking about some major life changes and stuff going on locally and regionally and I have created a “Revelution” playlist. Here are a few of my selections.

1) Tanya Stephens; Do you still care

2) Bob Marley- Burnin and Lootin

I am in favour anti-violence when finding a resolution but sometimes I feel shit needs to be burned down to start fresh.

3) Damian Marley – There For you

There must be solidarity in the revolution

4) Nas – One Mic

And sometimes I just need to find my voice

5) Billie Holiday- Strange Fruit

6) Mary J. Blige – No More Drama

For when cutting out toxic situations is a need and a must #revolutionaryselfcare

Fyah family what songs make you sit back and reflect? What would make your revolution playlist?


Comments on: "Music Wednesday- Tunes for the Revelution" (1)

  1. Exodus Bob Marley

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