Fyah spots…

A few months ago in one of my Friday posts, I shared the Ally’s Toolkit. Today, I came across a great blog post Ethical Alternatives to Being an Ally – Second Thoughts. I especially appreciate the post’s treatment of power – not as something that you acknowledge just once before you join an organization that you’re doing ally work with, but as something you constantly are conscious of, revisit and are willing to be called out on. The post speaks about handing back power in ways such as not getting involved in the first place and doing menial thankless tasks – I think these are such important points – would you add anything to it?

Anytime I get into a conversation about strengthening Caribbean economies and communities, I bring up the importance of food security and production. I’m very aware that this is an abstract concept for me – I think my last encounters with “solid” knowledge around food production was 2nd form (8th grade) Agricultural Science class. I am trying to learn more and a friend recently wrote an article that led me to a US based organization, Growing Power, that supports individuals and communities in the creation and development of what they call “Community Food Systems”. The initiative provides training for farmers and communities, creates employment and provides fresh food for communities. Is anyone aware of any similar Caribbean initiatives?

I absolutely love Anancy/Anansi/Ananse stories. The fact that they survived the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and manage to exist strongly within West Africa and the Caribbean speaks to the strength of storytelling traditions and cultural retention. I go out of my way to buy both West African and Caribbean versions of the stories for one of my goddaughters whenever I come across them as I think that will give her a solid sense of what diaspora can mean. Can you imagine how excited I was when I came across The Anancy Festival that will be taking place in 5 cities tomorrow? Can you also imagine how disappointed I was when I realised I will not be in any of those cities? For those of you who will be in Nairobi (Kenya), Kingston (Jamaica), Fort Lauterdale (Florida, USA), Orlando (Florida, USA) or Washington DC (USA) on June 9th, be sure to check out the festival!

What’s caught your eye this week, Fyah Stirrers?


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