getting stuff done

Lately I’ve been feeling low energy. It’s actually a pretty common occurrence for me, I have an incredibly non-demanding schedule which results in me rarely feeling inspired to do much. Here are my don’ts and dos when it’s easy not to do much.

  1. start watching a new tv show. Especially one that has several seasons and episodes for you to make your way through. For me, is a vortex.
  2. startsnacking. All of a sudden I become insatiably peckish and all snacks- healthy and unhealthy are consumed in a shamefully short period of time.
  3. go on facebook chat. This is how you know I have nothing to do/ am avoiding doing something, so desperate am I for entertainment I look for people I’m not really friends with to talk to.
  1. exercise. Right now I’m trying to commit to a 21 day yoga challenge. When I feel my energy and focus waning throughout the day a quick session can usually help me get back on track.
  2. schedule. Lists and schedules hold me accountable.
  3. conversations with people who know what I should be doing. Nothing’s like the shame of having someone ask how far you have gotten in a project.
  4. house hold chores– cooking, laundry and cleaning. When I look back I can actually see that some of my time has been spent productively.
  5. craft. Who say crochet? I just finished making a running armband for my phone with my aunt’s help. Next project… laptop case!
  6. take a wine! Nothing like a quick wine to get you energised and ready to go.
What do you do to keep yourself on track and what keeps pulling you back in?
Wontabular week everyone!

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  1. pieces2peace said:

    TV shows will suck you in. I picked up a new one during every final exam period during undergrad. The Office, The Wire, Sex & The City… it was really bad.

    I would like an armband for my cell phone. And also something to hold my water when I run. Please start crocheting them for me. Thanks 🙂

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