This is my last music post before St. Kitts Music Festival, which is happening 28th to 30th June, so I wanted to share some of the songs I’m particularly excited to hear by the artists who will be performing.

1. Krosfyah – Nah Missing Me

Nothing I love more than a nice groovy soca chune. I will be happy to hear the classics Pump Me Up, She Body In Control and Sak Passe, but something about this more recent one tugs on my heart strings.

2. Machel Montano – Thiefin’

Sometimes I try to fight my love for Machel music, but like the Krosfyah one, this one does ketch me! If Machel sings this one, I might have to find someone to tief a wine from.

3. Morgan Heritage – She’s Still Loving Me

I’ve seen Morgan Heritage a few times and since the last time I’ve seen them I don’t think they’ve put out a lot of new material but I am still so excited to see them. They are some of the best low key performers I’ve ever seen – no dancers, no flashing lights, just their beautiful voices.

4. Damian Marley – Affairs of the Heart

I didn’t think anything could make me cheat on There For You, but this is becoming my favourite Damian Marley song. “De last man you dey wid mek a big mistake, lef and gone fi good and miss out something weh great…” I know Damian Marley’s not in love with me so he won’t be singing that line to me, but I’d like to believe that his brother (AKA my future ex-husband) Kymani wrote the song and let  with me in mind and let Damian sing it.

So check out the line-up and come to St. Kitts or you’ll be stewing in jealousy while I wuk up, tief wine and get serenaded  in just over 2 weeks!


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