This song is made for Fridays/Weekends. It’s also fitting since I happen to be in Barbados this weekend. Cheers!

These aren’t new links but they are pretty fyahful. Here we go!

1. It’s my vagina, I’m gonna do what I want with it. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy as women’s bodies are policed, criticized and legislated to perplexing levels. My girl Rihanna is a you woman (hopefully) safe-sexing through her youth and this has proven to be a challenge even to a few of  the men she is assumed to be sexing with. Imagine that ish.

2. Been checking in on Hollaback! for a while now. Really cool initiative to raise awareness in street harassment. They class it as a gateway crime and really it is. In the Caribbean we are, in my opinion, even more susceptible to this as culturally commenting/complementing/critiquing women’s bodies is seen as pretty normal. Post a video, let’s get on this!

3. So anyone that knows me personally knows about my feelings about Nas. This is a love affair stretching across decades and I have yet to tease it out on this platform. For now I will post the recent interview he gave on CNN about his single ‘daughters‘ where he spoke quite candidly and sexily about his life as a parent to a teenage daughter in these internet ages.


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