I’m delaying the “summer” soca edition yet again. It’s still a little early to call the big songs across the archipelago.

My musical tastes don’t vary much. I can listen to the same song for an hour and not notice. On the flip side of soca, but keeping it regional here’s some stuff that’s been on repeat on my side.

I first heard this song at a show in Trinidad. I swear, when the man says he’s mortal again again after tour, I know that’s not the exact line, but just that understanding of how as performers they become something other than human, or are elevated as such. Oh, the affair of this heart.

A classmate in Barbados introduced me to this young man. Protoje, whose mother always knew he was going and be dred. đŸ™‚

St. Kitts Music Festival 2001 I was really looking forward to Joe but this family brought down the show in the rain.

I really want to feature a current song by a female reggae artist but I not trying to highlight any man training, find me in the back yard kind of songs on this vibe. If you have any recent suggestions from recent women doing their non-scandalous thing be sure to share.


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