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1. The internets have been ablaze regarding Frack Ocean’s heartfelt tumbler letter this week. Reading his words really touched me and I salute his authenticity and bravery. This is an article on living one way and being another that touched me as well, feeling lost is a scary thing, who can you tell? what can you do? The most ironic thing is that every single person alive has insecurities or secrets, but when we want to be hurtful we call attention to the other person’s stuff while working furiously to hide our own, lest we be treated the same way. Swim Good Frank.

2. My sister (the bestest sister in the world) has Down Syndrome. She is gonna be 21 in a few weeks (yelp!), she taught me how to create smart playlists on youtube and makes a kick ass banana split when she is in the mood. Growing up with her has been a blessing in that she has the kindest spirit you will ever meet and it has also been hard because the world can be a harsh place and people sometimes don’t see the importance of accommodating for what may be a little beyond their specific version of normal. I know that families with DS and any other intellectual/physical challenges or delays can relate and I have always followed Holly Robinson Peete and her loving dedication to her son autistic son RJ. Holly had to go in on a certain rapper recently for making hurtful ‘jokes’ about autism and once again highlighted that most of our families are touched by differently-abled people. Thanks for giving us a voice Holly. Check her amazing foundation here.

3. A few years ago I learned that we can’t be comfortable all the time. It was an eye opening time, I realised that there were times I needed to be checked and there were also times I needed to check other people. Enter Chris Rock and his ‘Independence Day‘ tweet that got a few people hot around the collar. The actual tweet isn’t that revolutionary but it still gets a reaction from some folks. Independence Day has become a very odd concept to me. While I sort of celebrate it on the island with cooking national dishes and what not, I more recently have asked myself ‘Independent from who/what?. It’s always (America incl) a case of  invaders coming and colonising a land where people were already settled. When the colonisers got what they came to get or cldn’t bother anymore, said colonisers would leave, and the land and people remained became independent. Note sure how that became a celebration as the colonisers usually left the place in a mess and (the Caribbean islands in particular) are still trying to catch themselves 30-50 years in. Chris Rock basically is calling Independence for what it is and that clearly made some colonisers people uncomfortable. It would be great if self reflection kicked in before snark .

Fyah Family have a great weekend and remember-



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  1. 1. Frank Ocean almost made me cry, I’m not missing the timing re: album release but me father with heartfelt-ness.
    2. 21! Murdah, I old. I have a pretty awesome sister but I will say yours running close competition for “bestest in the world”. Abelism is beyond ridiculous, especially when it comes to intellectual abilities we don’t even realise how easily we wheel our privilege. Even simple things like saying someone isn’t bright, not having patience for persons who do not move at the same pace as us. I think it’s often something many of us forget… ahh the joys of privilege.
    3. Cosigning #3. Independence is a joke, neocolonialism is real.

  2. Handful said:

    Just being around her always makes me smile. She’s a real blessing.

  3. pieces2peace said:

    1. Frank Ocean’s letter was ridiculous. I am on the bandwagon. Who cares an album is coming out.
    2. Your sister is wonderful. Ableism sucks. Will put Holly Robinson on my yay list.
    3. I have a whole lot of pro-Caribbeanness in me so Independence Days here (while still intensely messed up) do allow the opportunity for me to reflect on/celebrate the Caribbean (nations). I’m all about markers/check-in points. And although neo-colonialism is very real, and often the “fight for independence” was more people leaving than us kicking them out, I’m still happy that I have a St. Kitts & Nevis passport rather than a UK/Commonwealth one, although I am by no means delusional about the fact that independence is a pseudo-sham at best.

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