My apologies, fyah fam, for the lateness. Lack of forethought + travelling on a post day = me not posting on time. So here’s a quick post to share a couple of links I found really interesting and on time.

There’s been a rise in violence in Toronto in the past week and a lot of reactions to the rise in murders from media, government officials and people in general have been (un)surprisingly racist. Blogger, She Said So, who I was referred to by one of my friends, wrote a post addressing some of the problems with the media coverage so far.

I’m not sure if anyone has been following the reactions to Athalia Samuel, the woman selected to represent Trinidad and Tobago in the Miss World Pageant next month, but they’ve to a large extent been pretty messed up (save yourself the agony of reading the comments). Soyluv, as usual, wrote a well thought out response  addressing one of the root causes of the disapproval – our colonial beauty standards/myths.

I hope your weekend has been fyahful so far – I’ve been partying with my sister derevolushunwidin, so all is well with me with me :).



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