Today we stand with our sisters and brothers in Grenada in solidarity as people committed to being against violence against women. Three women were killed the last week. Last night an open call was made to those interested in a young feminist group to address the matter both reactive ways and proactive ways. All positive energy towards the women’s families, and the people of Grenada as they begin to figure out how they can navigate through this trying time. May our answers be simple in their complexity, our actions long-lasting and our justice fair.


Period sex. Have you ever? This writer breaks down why the squeamishness needs to end,

if only for practical reasons, “Do you really want to spend seven years of your life not having sex just because your body happens to be exercising it’s extremely important right to cleanse your uterus? Is your partner looking forward to seven sexless years?” I remember when I first heard d’bi young call for blood as though she were invoking ancestral pride. Similar ideas… for those of us who have periods we must dare to embrace it shame-free and proud-full in all aspects of our lives.

My eating habits have been deplorable this past month. So much dairy, so much flour, so much unhappy tummy. I’m returning to my responsible ways on… Tuesday. Won’t you join me? This post has me all inspired to do it right Caribbean style! So here’s to going back to stewing some peas with pumpkin, steaming some brown rice and okra, boiling some bhaji and stir-frying some broccoli and cabbage.

The quotes over here always makes me a little calmer. Their focus on love is so refreshing, even more so b/c they (the quotes) come from such diverse places. I had a conversation with a young man who was making the argument that we need religion b/c it’s where people source their morals. I will expound this conversation and my perspective at another time for now, ironically I agree with Most Reverend Tutu as referenced at Our Space is Love, “we are made for goodness”.

Emancipation celebrations are a full swing across the archipelago. Whether you jump and wave like they are in Barbados* and Antigua or you’re going to an Emancipation Day concert in St. Kitts, or taking the holiday I implore us all to take a moment. Think about how many women and men before us have died, been hurt, were deceived, tricked and endured; were forced to work within an inch of their lives through the threat both promised and carried out of beatings, death, rape and pure bad minded evil.** Imagine the depths of mistrust that culture bred… I try to find that balance between never forgetting and moving forward with memory (which is different to in spite of). I’m feeling another post coming so I’ll cut short with three books about that time period during the height of the Atlantic Slave Trade: fiction- The Book of Night Women, set on a Jamaican plantation, Kindred which moves back and forth between 1970s America and the aforementioned period and finally Lose Your Mother which is a non-fiction account of an African American’s “return” to Ghana. I initially did not think it would be something I was interested in but it blew. my. mind. I made a rather permanent decision based on this book. Any guesses as to what it was?


Be safe fyah stirrers!

* Here’s a dose of Bajan soca… dj Private Ryan to the rescue. Track break down courtesy of Trinidad Carnival Diary.

** The least proper explanation ever but hopefully I’m understood.

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