August Monday

Today is Emancipation Day and across the region nations are taking part in some sort of commemorative exercises, carnivals, festivals take part and bare in mind what Derevolushunwidin spoke of regarding being mindful of what Emancipation really represents.

I read this on a friend’s FB page yesterday and wanted to share:

All my friends are exiles,

born in one place, we live in another
and with true sophistication,
in most surprising places–
where you would never expect to find us.

Between us we people the world.

With aplomb and a command of languages
we stride across continents
with the self-assurance of those who know
with absolute certainty
where they come from.With the globe at our command,
we have everywhere to go,
but home.

-Abena P.A. Busia from “Testimonies of Exile”
Feeling thoughtful, hopeful, often concerened, grateful and fyahful.

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