I went to the beach on Sunday and all the bars I passed were playing Kittitian music. This may not seem shocking to you seeing that I’m in St. Kitts but I’ve found in other islands there’s usually a heavy dose of non-local music typically in the form of dancehall outside of carnival time. Then again, maybe the Kittitian bars were inspired by carnival in Nevis… Either way, keep it up and here are some SkN tunes that just have my heart.

When this video came out I was sooooo excited to have a Kittitian video to look and see if I knew anyone.

I feel I only like this song b/c it allows me to say “jess back” 🙂

I tried to find a non-slack Small Axe song, my favourite from them was Dance the Masquerade, I’ve always wanted to be one… Anyway here they are not talking about soaps dropping or pushing back on water pipes.

And I know allyuh tired see this song on this site but it sweet too bad. As someone who waist and bottom not electric I try not to stand up in parties like security and like myself as much as possible!

If riddim box sweet again!

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