Happy Friday!

I hadn’t been following the Chick Fil-A conversations until I came across D. L. Hughley’s Huffington Post piece on his decision to part ways with the franchise. I’m always so conflicted when it comes to boycotting because:

  • I’m sometimes a selfish/privileged dislike of being even slightly inconvenienced or giving up something I enjoy (there’s a Louis CK clip on people not wanting to give up their favourite thing that would have been perfect if it was available on YouTube)
  • as I was telling a friend earlier, I often assume that people who head/own large franchises and corporations are evil (I’m sure they’re some that aren’t evil somewhere) and possibly sexist, racist, homophobic, classist and all that other good stuff. On the other hand, it definitely can feel different when you’re buying something from someone and you know for a fact they don’t support what you consider basic principles of equ(al)ity

I often doubt the effectiveness of boycotts but I do believe in (at least the theory of) not supporting things that I don’t believe in when possible – I have an aunt “who is a regular boycotter” and “carefully worded letter-writer” when it comes to businesses and business owners she takes issue with with regard to politics, ideologies or customer service. What about you Fyah Stirrers? How do you feel about boycotts?

Also a quick read on white privilege – how white people who commit mass shootings/violence are spoken about as opposed to people of colour which I think reads like the Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack re-written for mass murders.

Happy weekending family! My weekend will involve unpacking, buying house stuff and exploring my new green city – wish me luck!

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  1. I boycott quite frequently. I tell those I care to tell and just don’t support certain businesses and establishments. It probably won’t really lead to change but I prefer to know that my pennies don’t directly support particular things/people.

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