All by myself…

So fyah fam… I’ve been struggling. Last week, I moved to a city I’ve never been to in a new country for school and it’s had some ridiculously lonely moments. So in addition to Skype, my unlimited phone plan and my wonderful bed, music has been getting me through. And since I’m a person who believes that sometimes when you’re sad, you need to sit in sadness, prepare yourself for some (at best) melancholy songs.

1. John Legend – I Love, You Love

Although this is an invitation to love someone, it sounds rather depressing and hence mood appropriate. I may have shared this before but it’s one of my favourite songs ever! (I have a lot of favourite songs ever, by the way.)

2. The Foreign Exchange – The City Ain’t The Same Without You

Probably the most appropriate song for how I feel (ignore the fact that “the city” was ever familiar to her, and the romantic attachment – ok, so maybe it’s not that fitting, but whatever!), another favourite artist/band and another one of my favourite songs ever.

3. Rene Marie – Wishes

Another song by way of my daddy, this is definitely one of my favourites for this summer. I wish my sisters were here, I wish I didn’t have to meet new people in order to have local friends, I wish… if wishes were horses indeed…

What are your feeling blue tracks, fellow fyah stirrers?


Comments on: "All by myself…" (2)

  1. […] pledge to connect with my multiple families every week. You might remember I said I’ve been lonely. After a visit from one of my favourite cousins this week, Gchat conversations with my sisters and […]

  2. Some good wp music. But I think my go to feeling down song is

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