Fyah Friday

1. Violence is a major issue in our lives.  We are aware of violence against women because of the undeniable systemic and historical beliefs that cause men and women to believe that violence and abusive interactions and relationships are a normal part of life, the violence and abuse most often being inflicted upon the woman as and ‘weaker sex’

I recently have been thinking about this in the context of the predominantly mutually violent relationships that I hear about from peers and clients and peeps I interact with and it really troubles me.   I am still not sure about how I feel about this issue, what do you all think? 

2. In the 90’s I wanted to be Lauryn Hill. Songs like manifest, ex-factor, Selah spoke to my teen-aged self and I felt her humanity, her love, her dopeness and it was love at first sight. Things changed sharply a while ago and I have relished in her moments of clarity (remember So High??) and have hoped that things would turn around. Sigh. Sister Lauryn is going through some things. One can only assume mental health implications, bad business management, roller coaster relationships, weight-of -the-world expectitions and I am sure you can list others. I hope she get’s what she needs and can live comfortably with her family after she sorts out these legal issues.

3. Addfyahandstir is in full support of our brothers and sisters at the Grenada Goat Dairy Farm. Why yes I DO BELIEVE in a healthy life. In a healthy planet. That ALL children and families should have the opportunity to grow and eat healthy, nutritious organic food for their own use and for our local markets. I also have a feeling many of our fyah stirrers feel the same way. Make a donation! spread the word! We can do it! Kickstarter projects can be pretty awesome.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. 1. There are many times in my life I’ve felt as though there is good reason to slap someone but in retrospect the intensity of that feeling, that certainty that a slap was just what the slapee needed to become a reasonable person again lost some ground. The “mutual violence” of some relationships is an incredibly difficult one for me. But I maintain, outside of those moments where the rage is rushing to one’s head, even if it feels like a slap will make the situation make sense it never will. Man, woman or child the use of physical violence is almost always a way to gain control over a situation and someone; and needing that level of control in that moment speaks a lot to the relationship you have with yourself and the other party.

    2. Oh Lauryn, I don’t think anyone has ever named all those factors that I think contribute to her current apparent state. Thank you.

    3. Grenada STAND UP! I’ve had far too many pkgs of Cheetos this month to truly endorse healthy living. But this month aside I do believe and practice that we need to be more mindful of what we put in our bodies. And the closer we are to that production, the healthier we are!

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