Back in April, I told you about The Self Care Pledge. Since I start classes tomorrow, I figured now is a perfect time to revisit it. I have been excellent at taking care of myself this summer (it’s so much easier when you’re living at home!) – I lost some weight (and almost all of my ass *sad face* ) doing this gluten free, dairy free stuff, I exercised a bit, I slept well, it was good times. Now real life starts again and I need to focus. So another public pledge.

I pledge to go to bed early every day. Yes, for those of you who remembered/reviewed, this was the pledge I made last time. It is even more imperative now with 8am and 9:30am classes and living on a bus line that runs only every 30 minutes. I clearly will have to start this pledge tomorrow since it’s after 11pm now, but I am determined to make this happen.

I pledge to connect with my multiple families every week. You might remember I said I’ve been lonely. After a visit from one of my favourite cousins this week, Gchat conversations with my sisters and a few wonderful Skype calls from my chosen family, I’ve realised not having a close knit crew of friends in your city while not ideal, is not the end of the world. It just requires encouraging friends to travel and an upgrade of my long distance calling plan.

I pledge to take myself on a date every month. Similar to April’s pledge, I think it’s really essential to have that unpacking time. From what I remember of school, it’s also really important to have that alone, no school, I’m treating myself time.

Fyah stirrers, have you been good to yourself these days?

Comments on: "The Self Care Pledge – Revisited" (4)

  1. I wish you well on your pledge and intend to hold you accountable. The moment I settle down (so let’s say the end of September) I’ll create (and share) my own.

  2. i’ve pledged to exercise more…………..sigh but at least i’ve been eating healthier.

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