Keeping it Together.

Take about 37 deadlines, add lots of  anxiety, generously stir in procrastination and thickly coat the top with hopes, dreams and excitement and you will have an idea of what it has been like in my head over the past few months.

In the midst of all that a girl needs some light moments to break the tension and just mellow out.  Here are a few of my favorites.

No judgement please :/

1. Sexy texting. I love a  sexy innuendo in uder 140 characters.  Not much can lift my spirits like a naughty message in the middle of the day. And I like to give as much as I receive *wink* wink*

2. Slack Music. There’s something about some old school beenie man and lady saw that makes me smile. I bust  out a pepper-seed and a butterfly and a bogle in my mind and that takes me back to the days when I didn’t have a thing to worry about.

3. Chatting with my sister.  She can always tell when I am stressed and likes to bring me treats whenever she can. Every single day she makes a point to call me and work to remind me to drink water and take it easy. She doesn’t understand why I don’t eat chicken since she finds it so delicious and regularly tries to get me to taste some of hers. We share a love for baked good and she always saves a piece of bread pudding me for.  What more could I want?

4. Rastafarian Music. I love the heartbeat rhythms, the devotion and spirituality, the honesty and rawness and the rebellion against white god doctrine.  When I am in a funk I sometimes draw for  Luciano, Jacob Miller, Dennis Brown, older Sizzla and to mellow me out. I am not a rasta but I do appreciate and respect the faith for rising out of afro-caribbean movements for justice and equality when what those people were trying to force upon us just didn’t make any sense.

5. Exercise. Sometimes when I am busy gym movements get passed over. When I  do make the time to go, within a week my energy and motivation is back up and I can get more done in the day.

6. Libations. Remember no judgement please. On the weekend or after  long day I fix myself a rum sour or a Malibu pineapple as I sit and watch HGTV or Law and Order or Bitchn’ Kitchen.  Enjoying my own company while reading a book is also a good time to sip on something bubbly.

7. Read trash on the internets. Again, no judgement. I like to pretend that I read the high-brow gossip on Jezebel, Ebony and Clutch but it’s really all the same. I do not watch the housewives and love & hip-hoppers but you would never know due to how much I read on these sites. The write ups are usually laced with the obligatory judgement but by virtue of there being an article in the first place, it’s still the same gossip. I don’t want to tell you how enthralled I am by the Prince Harry photo scandal, you can judge me a little for that one.

I actually had to cut this list down and that made me smile. I can refer to any of these when I wanna yell at someone or sit in a corner and stew and that kinda makes it all a little easier to manage.

Fyah Fam, what little things do you do to break the tension?


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  1. […] swear, I might need to follow some of trendsettah’s tips re: keeping it together (2, 3 &5) b/c I can’t keep my days straight. So one day late, I big up my big big […]

  2. love this !!!!!!!!!! a girl after my own heart 🙂

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