Songs of the weekend…

I spent about 18 hours in cars this weekend. I had a wonderful 3 days that included spending time with a couple of my closest friends (whom I hadn’t seen in a few months), white water rafting, movie watching and overall wonderfulness. No matter how great friendships are though, that many hours in a car requires a serious soundtrack to make the trip doable.

1. Drake – The Motto

Partly because my friends and I met when I was based in Toronto, partly because the beat’s kinda hype, but mostly because of my group’s desire to Drake Hands every chance we get (a la the “Shit Drake Says” video).

2. Damian Marley – Affairs of The Heart

I know we’ve probably posted this video on Add Fyah And Stir at least twice before, but it’s that important a song! When that “well di last man you dey wid mek a big mistake…” verse drops, driving for 20 hours seems possible.

3. Saidah Baba Talibah – Good Morning

This was more for the short but late night trip home from the shisha/hookah spot, music turned all the way up and us pretending we’re hitting every note as we cruise slowly.

What are your road trip songs, Fyah Stirrers?


Comments on: "Songs of the weekend…" (2)

  1. I must say that I do enjoy myself some drake hands #YOLO!

  2. White water rafting sounds pretty exciting, how was it?

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