fyah links- being critical…

Junot Diaz again (on addfyahandstir) puts out some great writing. Who doesn’t love short stories. I read The Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao and though I didn’t quite agree with all the characters or necessarily always the tone of the book I found the writing incredibly engaging. It was wonderful to see “street language” being written in a way that was good literature. I find a lot of street lit super cheesey and he demonstrates with such style that even when writing in “urban speak” your literature can be truly great, epic even.

I haven’t seen this movie but Shadow & Act bigged it up a great deal and bell hooks kinda tore it to shreds. I love bell hooks writing. In many ways it altered how I perceived many things and expressed many others. There were many times I wished I could think the ways she thinks, and express it they way she does. But I wonder if it doesn’t come at a price of being able to enjoy nothing. And I wonder if sometimes in our efforts to be critical, mindful, present we sometimes get too caught up, almost wanting to see the bad in things just so we can point it out… just a thought. Again, not having seen the film.

Biggin’ up shottas like Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe.

Who doesn’t know someone who sells Avon? So many of those catalogues have passed through my hands. This article highlights how this multi-level-makerting scheme gets women to buy the promise of empowerment.

This was a long week for me… rest well or party hard fyahstirrers, the week ahead’ might call for it.

I think I may try this gentle flow, won’t you join me?


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