Today is  Telling People Good Things Day.  Am I the only person who finds this hilarious?  Can a title be any more random and general? In any case it seems like a nice sentiment; we should spread good thoughts and say good things to people that cross our paths today and as often as we can in the future.

When I was a youngster someone told me that as human beings we should have love for each other, but that doesn’t mean we have to like each other*. Sounds simple enough and this was very helpful as I grew up to negotiate (and still continue to negotiate) the world around me.

All that is well and good for general day-to day differences and such but what happens when betrayal, violence, and general nasty behaviour comes into play. Is it unkind to say that there may be some people that I really can’t find the love or even good things for?

Most people have a person or two in their life for whom, even the most basic of love and good things, is pretty hard to express. It could be a former partner, a family member, acquaintance/colleague or even a stranger who featured in a situation that affected you deeply and now you have no room for them in your happy/pleasant spaces.

Can this be resolved? Should this be resolved? Could it be about forgiveness? We often don’t work through trauma in our lives and it remains like an anchor on our spirit  Or  sometimes maybe we forgive too  much, give too many chances.  Or maybe we just don’t care any more. Personally, I have found great relief in taking back my care from someone who just flat out didn’t deserve it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about wishing anyone harm. I do not believe in retribution and to me, thinking that people will pay for whatever wrong they committed seems pretty self-involved and usually goes on for a really long time. I am not up for that.

Bottom line, I honestly feel that we should have love for everyone. I know that I will not like everyone and I pledge to work on reconciling a form of love for those that have registered a lot little more than dislike.

To celebrate the day, am going to start by telling good things to my sisters that contribute here on addfyahandstir.

Pieces2Peace and Derevolushunwidin,  I love you both lots.  You both bring all kinds of wonderful to my life and I hope we can have a reunion real soon.

*This gem came from a really cool priest that I was close to back in the day. See, us recovering Catholics aren’t completely ungrateful 🙂



Comments on: "Happy 5th Annual Telling People Good Things Day" (2)

  1. pieces2peace said:

    love you too! reunion definitely needs to happen quickly.

    and your post came at the exact right time. i was just thinking about the lack of love i have for certain people. i will work on this. i will work on this. thank you.

  2. Love you hun!!!! My life would never be the same without you!

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