I have not listened to music in a long time. I made a major shift recently and in that shift I’m trying to limit background noise. So here’s a random selection from an oh-so-old playlist on shuffle.

I’ve never been a big Beyonce fan, most times I actively dislike her. pieces2peace long ago tried to put me onto Solange, who I think if I paid more attention to would really be a big fan. T.O.N.Y.

Kill me dead this was Machel the first 100+ times I heard it. But you should know by now I do not actively endorse Machel… so I’m happy to bring you Shal; and whereas I might not be trouble when I start to bubble, I love to think that one day I might be. 🙂

It still breaks my heart just a little bit that this group is no longer together. I had their cd* on repeat for weeks. Oh Washikong…

To end it off and also show my age, I bought this cd as well and was on an Estelle fix. I even liked the song she had with  she had with Sean John.

Rock into the night fyah stirrers. 🙂

* I was on the bus and heard two high school students talking about how someone asked another for a cd. His response, “who uses that ancient technology”. #youknowyouareoldwhen


Comments on: "makes the ppl come together- random playist" (3)

  1. pieces2peace said:

    I wan say you showing off your age even more by saying Sean John – is that brand even still a thing? Sean Paul!!!

    Great random music collection.

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